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Past the point of no return...
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Past the point of no return...

Dear Chemistry:

Thank you for killing my weekend and free time!




  1. lau-nicole posted this

About moi: The title is from a song from the Phantom of the Opera <3 I blog to express. I am from Puerto RIico, so I am tumblrican. I am 18 years old, college student majoring in Biology so my life is pretty hectic. Titanic is my favorite movie <3 followed by Harry Potter and Hunger Games, you will find lots of those here. Fashion, quotes, love and random stuff too. Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson will be here too somehow <3 Jennifer Lawrence is my idol. I speak English and Spanish. I am friendly and sweet, pretty calm and nice. Tumblr is my addiction.

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